Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homemade Fire Starters

Fire starters are a cheap and easy item to make yourself. They are not very time consuming and only use items we would consider trash anyway. I have seen and heard this idea many times and doing a quick Google search will bring up many results with an explanation or video showing you how to make them. The basic concept is a cardboard (not styrofoam) egg carton with dryer lint shoved in each egg's cup and wax poured over/soaked into the lint.

After cooling you cut the cups apart and use one at a time as a fire starter by lighting the cardboard portion. I have found that not everyone saves dryer lint or old, half used candles. Instead I wait until I have a cardboard egg carton, add dryer lint into one egg cup and wait until the wax in my wax melter has lost it's scent. I then take the wax from my wax melter and pour it over the dryer lint. This method is much slower but is more practical for me as I don't have to melt wax on my stove top.

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