Thursday, November 21, 2013

C-Section Packing List

Recently I had my 3rd c-section. Seeing as I had done this 2 other times one would think I had used everything I brought. While I had significantly pared down the items I brought I still brought a few too many things. Hopefully these lists will be a blessing to someone.
**Please note: We live about 5 minutes from the hospital so my husband went home to shower and change clothes, this enabled me to stay within my self-imposed one carry on limit. Also I highly recommend you wear your going home outfit to the hospital. 

Mommy - Actually Used
Nursing sleep bra
House shoes
Hair brush
Pony tail holders
Face moisturizer
Makeup (basic)
Travel Size toiletries for shower (if you have sensitive skin)
Breast pads (a few in case milk comes in early)
Snacks (peanut butter crackers, granola bars)
Phone and charger
Planner and pen/pencil
Folder for all the paperwork they give you
Gift for nurses (food is usually good)
Prescription medications (ask your hospital if you should bring them, some say you have to and others say you cannot) 
Basket (to corral little stuff on my bedside tray)

Baby - Actually Used
Baby gowns (I wanted her to be covered more than a shirt)
Receiving blankets (I am very particular about mine, they must be square and large - tutorial coming)
Wipes (one pack - our hospital uses disposable washcloths as wipes)
Car seat 
Heavy Blanket (if cold outside)

What I Brought I Didn't Need
Face wash (my face was irritated from my spinal/epidural and I didn't want to make it worse)
Too Many Breast Pads
Sleep and Plays (gowns work best for frequent diaper changes and checks from medical personnel)
Nursing Cover (I had surgery, they could wait or deal with it)

What I Wished I Had Brought
Instant Coffee (there wasn't a coffee maker in the Mother Baby Unit so there was no coffee option after the cafeteria closed, my husband survived but it might have been nice)
Water Bottle (for husband)
Pillows (I was given one, my husband wasn't given any)
Blanket (for my husband, they won't always have enough)

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