Tuesday, November 13, 2018

November 2018 Life Update

    Good morning readers, my life has changed significantly in the last month. Our elderly relative that had been living with us had his condition progress to a place where living in a home environment was no longer safe or sustainable. He moved into an "apartment that has nurses on staff" and appears to be loving it. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it has been to know he is thriving there! Especially as there had been immense guilt and nervousness on our part about making the decision for him.
     If you are in a similar situation I want you to know I don't think you'll regret moving them in with you unless they are mentally ill, violent, or a sexual predator (then please don't move them into your home) but if you can't or if you did and it's time for them to receive more care please don't feel guilty! You did what you could for them and you are still doing your best by moving them to a better location.
     I've made a point to and will continue to be very generic when discussing his stay here as he has always been a very private person and wouldn't appreciate everyone knowing his business. As a result I will most likely not be discussing this again (on here) while he is living. We are thankful his stay with us ended with happy memories on our children's part and we are focusing on making positive memories as a family again (we were not able to participate in many fun and even normal things while he lived with us).

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