Monday, March 26, 2012

The Upchucket Bucket

A few weeks ago I learned that my toddler gets carsick. How did I learn this you might ask, the hard way! (I thought the upchucket bucket was an original phrase but a quick google search will show you someone already beat me to it.) So out of this lovely experience I will share with you what we are now doing to be extra prepared for her next episode of motion sickness. Enter the upchucket bucket which really is not a bucket at all.

Items Needed
  • 1 shoe box sized box with a lid that latches on (this idea is from a blog I read called Large Families on Purpose) to avoid post throw-up spills if you can't get pulled over fast enough - larger for a larger person as mine is just for a toddler
  • 1 large garbage bag
  • 4 plastic grocery store bags
  • 2 complete changes of clothes for offending child (if it's winter the 2nd set of clothes can be summery, you just need to survive the ride home)
  • 1 extra pair of shoes, 1 extra coat (I don't keep these in the car I bring them along on long trips)
  • 1-2 receiving blankets (these are great for wrapping a child up in after you have cleaned them off but don't want to dress them in the "debris field", especially if it is cold or raining)
  • 1 package of wipes
  • 1 travel sized bottle of Febreze or Odor Remover (stays in my diaper bag)
  • 1 snack sized bag of saltines/oyster crackers/fish shaped cracker
  • 1 juice box
I do not actually keep these items in the box because then I would have to quickly dump them on the floor to get the box to the offending child. I keep the rest of these items in my back-up diaper bag that I keep in the back of my van. My problem this last week was that I was missing the box, garbage bag, grocery store bags, Febreeze and the second blanket and that my toddler threw up on each leg of the trip.

Please learn from my mistakes even if you don't think it's a possibility. What do you keep in your kit or do you even have one?

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