Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pantry Challenge May 2017

We are going to kick off being back to blogging with a pantry challenge beginning with tomorrow's grocery haul. We are very blessed with a large pantry in this new house and my husband would tell you that I have taken advantage of it's space.

My Currently Messy Pantry
Truth be told I am a huge proponent of having an extra of everything on hand that way you never run out, you just add it to the grocery list when you pull the last one from the pantry. So this is going to be mentally hard on me. I don't like to use up the last of something but we have a lot coming up in the next few months and not only will this help me pad the budget in a few areas but it will help me use up what we have and clean/inventory the pantry and freezer. My goal is to buy only necessary items that are typically found on the outer perimeter of the store or are single ingredients (spices/herbs, flour, sugar, rolled oats, yeast). Some notable exceptions will be some diet soda, tortilla chips to go with the salsa I'll be making, marshmallows (rice crispy treats), tortillas (my kids are obsessed), and maybe a gallon of ice cream (we already have a big bag of coffee). I have also inventoried my toiletries, cleaning supplies, pull-ups, and wipes to be sure I'm not guessing but know what we need. Would you like to join me? I'll be posting snacks we're making, our meal plan as we go, and pictures of my grocery hauls. If you would like to use the meal plan sheet I'll be using you can download it free from Humorous Homemaking. It's great for someone who serves 3 meals plus snacks everyday. While you're there I highly recommend you check out her other platforms as well. Stacy brings so much value to my life I'm sure you'd enjoy her too!

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