Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 2 Pantry Challenge Grocery Haul & Meal Plan

 I am a few days late getting this on here but I picked up my groceries at the beginning of my meal plan. I'm most likely going to need more tomatoes before my Thursday trip and will either pick them up Monday or have my husband get them on the way home from work. I also almost caved and ordered Chinese food after our garage sale Saturday but pulled it together and made a real pantry challenge dinner. The meal plan you see at the end is the same meals as my original but was re-organized to accommodate our crazy weekend (with the exception of the potato soup I simply removed). I chose to re-write it as I didn't think you'd want to see the arrows all over the original.



    Produce $27.64 
     Mini Bell Peppers
     Strawberries (2lb)
     Bananas (4lb)
     Clementines (3lb)
     Frozen Peas 

     Dairy $11.36
     Gallon of 2% Milk
     Pint of Cream
     String Cheese
       Exceptions $12.46
     24 pack Coke Zero
      12 pack Gatorade (I finished all we had when I was sick a few weeks ago)

Grocery Total $51.46

(I had a picture on my phone but my youngest broke the phone this morning.)

1lb baby Carrots
2 Green Bell Peppers
2lb strawberries
3 Avocados

Total $7.24 

Meal Plan

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