Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Have I Told You Lately That I Love...

 My Instant Pot

     Our family moves a lot! Actually we've moved 9 times in 12 years and because of this we have a fairly strict 1 in 1 out policy when it comes to kitchen items and linens. My husband would most likely tell you this policy applies to the entire house but... I digress.
     My kitchen cabinets were full; there was no room to be found and at times things came cascading out of their precarious location. This did not hinder my desire for an Instant Pot! I had wanted one for a long time. At first I was unsure I'd use it (or where it would go) and wondered if it was just a fad. Slowly but surely many of my friends began to tout it's prowess. I knew that as a busy homeschooling family it would be put to good use so I began to follow it's prices. I was very reluctant to pay asking price; what if I didn't use it and it just sat there, what if it was as useful as the giant roaster I use once a year? So I waited. I waited and saved for almost an entire year until Black Friday rolled around again and hopped on Amazon to pull the trigger. After it arrived I was honestly terrified to use it. I mean, we've all heard the stories of a pressure canner or cooker exploding and I'm not the most exact person (my husband is probably laughing at this right now). I frequently don't measure ingredients unless I'm baking and even then if it's a tablespoon or less I'm likely to guesstimate it in the palm of my hand. Was I going to destroy the house or maim myself in the process? There it was sitting on the kitchen counter. I'm not sure how many days it sat there until I said enough is enough and attempted to cook some potato soup in it. I had no idea what I was doing but you know what? It's wasn't that hard at all and if you can read a recipe there's no reason you can't figure it out. I love that silly pressure cooker (do not try to can in it, it doesn't reach enough psi) and I use it at least once a week. I even got rid of 2 smaller slow-cookers to not only make room but have room to spare (it has a slow-cooker setting).
     So if you're like me, you actually use your crock-pot, you sometimes forget to defrost the meat for dinner, and you really want an Instant Pot what are you waiting for? Amazon will most likely have them marked down on Black Friday (they have the past 2 years). May I recommend you take the next month and a half to put some money aside for one of my favorite small kitchen appliances!

Do you have an Instant Pot? What is your favorite recipe you cook in it? If I may make a recommendation give this mac & cheese recipe from Six Sisters Stuff a try. This last time I made it I had ran out of elbow noodles (shocking I know) and used a mini penne with no issues.

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