Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Play the Hand of Cards You Have

     About three weeks ago my mother-in-law passed away suddenly. While it was unexpected it also somewhat wasn't as her health had been declining for some time. The kids and I were already back home when it happened but my husband was not. He put in for emergency leave and was on a flight out within about 14 hours. There have been a lot of changes in all of our lives in the past three weeks. I think one of the best things I was told the following day was conveyed to me by my grandmother as conveyed by her sister-in-law. That is you play the hand of cards you have. You can't look back to previous hands or hands you could have received. You can't change what is, even when you want to. You simply pickup and deal with what is.
     So if you're in a phase where your baby/toddler won't sleep, if the toilet overflowed again because a certain little someone has no concept of appropriate toilet paper usage, or if you're sorting through a lifetime of memories and making funeral arrangements please know that God knows exactly where you are and He has a plan for you. He never once promised us an easy life, in fact he promised the opposite (John 16:33) and that is what enables us to grow and be more like Him.
     We're doing okay and are simply taking each day as it comes. We have had a family member move in with us as well so now there are 6 of us. It's taken a little bit of getting use to on everyone's part but we've all adapted quite well. However, we would appreciate your continued prayers. I anticipate upcoming posts on the budgeting program we use as well as my beloved Wal-Mart Grocery pickup but make no promises in terms of timing. Have a blessed day!

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