Saturday, July 28, 2012

Breakfast Scramble

This is a delicious breakfast that is high in protein. I like to make it if I know we're going to have a big day. It also keeps and re-heats well as leftovers so I intentionally make a large batch. If you want to serve the leftovers in a different way add cheese and wrap in a tortilla for breakfast burritos.The picture below is roughly half of what the recipe will make. It is my version of the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Scramble you can find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. I very much enjoy their version however my husband does not enjoy onions in his breakfast food. This is also cheaper and easier to control the ingredients (awesome if you have a food allergy)!

Breakfast Scramble feeds ~ 5-6 adults

2 tbsp (or more) coconut oil (you can use any type you prefer however coconut oil adds a unique flavor)
4 large red potatoes (add more potatoes to stretch)
1 lb sausage (I use Jimmy Dean All-Natural)
8 large eggs
splash of milk
1 Zip-Loc Zip 'n Steam Bag (mine was a medium size)
(Onions, Minced Garlic, and Bell Peppers are optional)

-Wash potatoes and peel if desired. Dice to a small to medium size (large enough to poke with a fork yet small enough to cook quickly). Rinse potatoes and add to steamer bag. Your bag will be at the full line. Steam in microwave according to directions on bag (7 minutes). If you do not desire to steam them in the microwave you can also bake them but that will add considerable time to your prep. If I'm going to bake them I will do it the night prior and keep them in the refrigerator (whole) until morning.
-When potatoes are almost finished cooking add coconut oil to a LARGE frying pan (I used I chicken frying pan that was 2-3 inches deep) and heat to a medium/medium-high heat.
-Add your cooked potatoes to pan after the oil is hot in order for them to begin getting crispy. You want them to not be so crispy they might burn in the additional steps, however crispy potatoes will taste better. Move potatoes to one side of pan.
-Add sausage to pan and brown. (If adding an optional ingredient add it chopped in small pieces at this time.) Once the sausage is about 75% done cooking mix with the potatoes and finish cooking. Move sausage and potatoes to one side of the pan.
-Whisk eggs with milk, salt, and pepper in a bowl and pour into empty side of pan. Scramble eggs. (I prefer my eggs cooked in a seperate pan and then mixed together when they are finished cooking)
-Mix all the ingredients together and serve with fruit.

What is your favorite breakfast?

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