Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learning From Your Experiences

After last week's storm came we still had power. I very gratefully sat down with a sheet of paper and made two columns: What I Did Right and What I Need to Improve. I then broke the need to improves into 3 columns (to buy, to do, and to learn). It looked like this.

To Buy
battery operated CO detector                          
oil lamp chimney (it broke a few weeks ago)    
extra ice scrapers (our only one broke)

To Do
gather downed limbs to keep dry (aka firewood)
plan/draw layout for room we will stay in

To Learn
how to keep the pipes from freezing (I'm aware I ought to know this)

     Over the past three days I've been trying to cross things off of my three columns in hopes I'm better prepared for today's storm. But here's my question: Was I foolish for preparing to loose power when in fact I did not? No, indeed I was not!
     What is foolish is to see a winter storm coming and to do nothing for it. Even the state's road department was preparing in advance. I look at this and think of other ways this applies to my life. I keep my gas tank at least half full because I ran out of gas once and will never do it again! I refill ice cube trays before I need the ice. I meal plan so I'm not guessing what to make for dinner. I have car insurance in case I get in an accident or something falls on my car.
     Maybe when you see what storms may lay in your future you are really prepared, maybe your just hoping to be snowed in and not loose power. Our economy isn't the best and with sequestration our income isn't very certain right now. We all have different storms. I'd like to encourage you to look at yours and make your three column list.
     If you feel like it please share what your storms are.

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