Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Syd's Silly Slip-ups

Several month as ago we had some of my husband's co-workers over to watch the Superbowl at our home. As one can imagine I was rather tired at the end of the day and instead of cleaning like we knew we should, we went to bed. Fast forward several days and I honestly thought I had cleaned everything up the following day but alas we had completely forgotten the juice box cooler. I think we each thought the other had taken care of it. What I found was not pretty but a little bit of bleach made a world of difference. Which brings me to the first...

Syd's Silly Slip-ups

Do not allow your juice boxes to sit in a cooler filled with melted ice (aka water). Juice box containers are made of cardboard. What ensues is mushy boxes, nasty water, straws wet with said nasty water, and an expensive mistake now in your trash can. You are welcome!

If you wish to submit your slip-ups for others to learn from please e-mail them to me.

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