Saturday, October 19, 2013

When I Wake Up Early

     Hello blog world. I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to encourage you to wake up earlier than normal on days you know will be extra busy. Let me be the first to say I do not do this all the time, I am after all hugely pregnant and would love to sleep many more hours a day than I already do, however when I do wake up early the benefits always outweigh the drawbacks! 
     I have one day each week that involves me being gone most of the day. If I don't get up early that day then we have a really hard time getting out the door, having what we need, and eating a real dinner. However, when I do get up early I accomplish more in less time than I dreamed possible.
     I know there are seasons in our lives where this is virtually impossible, and I will personally be there in a few short weeks. Maybe you cannot realistically get up early everyday but there is one day each week that is difficult for you. Could you get up a little earlier just one day a week? Are there tasks you could complete the night before to give you a jump start on the day? Only you know the answers. I simply encourage you to think about what you could do to make your day go smoother.

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