Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Back - Updates

      Where do I begin? Well, my husband and I are expecting our third child this month. She will be our third daughter. This pregnancy has been easier in some ways and harder in others. Just as every child is different every pregnancy is different. I would say the two hardest things have been that I have two smallish children who need my care and that my contractions start earlier with each child (this time they started at 17 weeks).
     The homemade vanilla extract turned out great! Not only is it super easy but it also less expensive; I would recommend it to anyone! It's almost gone and I need to start a second batch. It would also make a wonderful homemade Christmas gift.
     My husband relinquished his second company command this past Spring. We are definitely enjoying seeing him more often. He did a wonderful job and I know he was sad to leave his soldiers. He is now an instructor for the Army.
     We moved. The upcoming addition to our family qualified us for a larger home and with the help of family and friends we jumped at the chance to say goodbye to the copperheads in our old backyard. We haven't moved to a different Army post, just a different house.
     The weather is finally cooling off and it has me in a pumpkin mood. This isn't an update but more of a warning.
     Lastly, if you're still here thank you!

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